The department is manned by Professors and well trained nurses. Major problems dealt with are: .

Major problems dealt with.

  • Major endoscopic surgeries for urinary obstruction, urinary stone diseases and uretero renoscopies and intracorporeal lithotripsy.
  • Uro-oncology which includes radical management of renal and bladder tumors in co-ordination with oncologists.
  • Uro-dynamic evaluation which involves diagnosis of various bladder dysfunctions, neurogenic bladders and urinary incontinences and planning their management.
  • Diagnosis and management of impotence including the penile prosthesis inflammation.
  • Stone fragmentation in different sites in the urinary tract either in the kidneys ureter or bladder regardless of the size or number of the stones and without need to open surgery
  • Treatment of prostatic diseases either infection, inflammation or enlargement of the prostate by the most recent modalities of treatment and by the most recent endoscopy without opening.
  • Also sexual problems regardless the cause and inability to gain offsprings has a good chance to be managed in this department.

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