Message From Hospital Director

Dr.Hiba Shali Aljedaani

Providing quality and outstanding patient care, and community wellness are the core aims of New Al Jedaani Hospital, Gulail. Together, they outline the foundation upon which we hope to create a heritage of excellence and build our dazzling future that goes beyond all expectations.

The hospital consists of 103 beds for different specialties such as Surgery. Internal Medicine ,Ob/Gyn, E.N.T,Optical, Neuro-Surgery ,Orthopedics ,Pediatrics ,Urology ,Dental ,Endoscopic unit, X-ray, C.T.Scan, Ultra Sound &Pathology with blood bank and as well as accomplished Operation room. The hospital has latest and sophisticated equipments.

The priority areas focus on integrated continuum of care for individuals thereby we can provide quality of healthcare services with a optimal patient safety in our hospital. Attracting, training and retaining qualified healthcare professionals, emergency preparedness leads to improving health of community.