Emergency Health Clinic

Emergency Health Clinic

New Al Jedaani Hospital Employee Health Clinic is dedicated toprovide services, counseling, health education and safe-working environment to it's employees.It aims to promote, protect, and secure each employee through high-quality occupational health services and enhance the productivity of every employee.

Facilities Provided

  • Pre-Employment physcial and medical examination that includes screening for Hepatitis B,C and HIV, PPD Test, Chest Xray, Immunization.
  • Annual screening for Hepatitis B,C and HIV
  • Annual PPD(Mantoux) test for non-reactive employees.
  • Immunization programs
  • Stool culture for pathoges and parasites for kitchen staffs every 6 months
  • Employee health and safety education
  • Health counseling
  • Blood and body fluid exposure and management
  • Managemenet of job related illness and exposures

Our Related Doctors

  • Dr.Mohamed Hosny