Questions to Ask Your Doctor

There is no such thing as a stupid question, but there is definitely a right one. When you are in your doctor’s office, you might find it easier to just listen and do as you are told. But, you as a patient should exercise your right to ask about any issue that needs clarification. Most patients ask about what the nature of the disease or condition along with a question on medications. However, you will need to ask more focused questions than that if you are seeking an optimal treatment. We encourage our patients to utilize their appointment time by reflecting on their health to form questions that are most relevant to their condition. We even recommend you write down your questions ahead of time because distractions are always present in our daily lives.

Here are 10 examples that might help you prepare questions

  • What exactly is my condition?
  • How will this disease or condition affect my life?
  • Could my lifestyle be the only reason behind this disease?
  • What symptoms should I watch for?
  • Do I need a follow-up visit?
  • What changes would warrant a follow-up visit?
  • What follow-up tests will I need, and how often will I need them?
  • What are the side effects of the prescribed medications?
  • Do you recommend a change of diet during treatment?
  • What future treatments will I need?