Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) in New Al Jedaani Hospital is specialized in the care of ill or premature newborns. It is well equipped with servo-controlled incubators, centralized oxygen and suction facilities, infusion pumps, phototheraphy and ventilator.

Facilities provided

  • Normal care for New borns delivered by N.V.D or C.S
  • Care for pre-mature babies
  • Treatmental neonatal jaundice with phototherapy or exchange transfusion
  • Monitoring infants of diabetic mothers
  • Management of neonatal asphysia
  • Management of newborns with breathing difficulties
  • Treatment of neonatal sepsis
  • Early detetction of newborns with congential anomalies
  • Treatment of newborns with Meconium aspiration
  • Early diagnosis of newborns with in born errors of metabolism

Our Related Doctors

  • Dr.Faisal Ahmed
  • Dr.Ali Zakouk
  • Dr.Ibrahim Mansour
  • Dr.Moawad awad
  • Dr.Siham