The department of ENT in New Al Jedaani Hospital is fully equipped with most modern diagnostic tools with facilities for Microscope, Nasal endoscopies, Tympanometry, Flexible Endoscopic Laryngoscopy, Eudiometry.

This department caters to the needs of common ENT conditions through the use of the latest world class equipment, for a better outcome and for overall patient management and satisfaction.

Services Performed

  • Examination of nose and para nasal sinus by sinuscopy under local anesthesia
  • Examination of larynx and throat by fibroptic endoscopies
  • Examination of Ear by otoscopy
  • Evaluation of hearing & middle ear pressure and detection of types of hearing aids by pure tone audiometry and tympanogram

Our Related Doctors

  • Dr. Wassim Tawfiq
  • Dr.Omar Khattab